Thursday, August 23, 2007


I feel so lethargic... I know it is not a good title to get your few readers in the mood to read more.. But what is there to read.
I almost gave up a few weeks ago. quitting tango, blogging... Adjustment to a new life is difficult. With a very high tempo work schedule, it is almost impossible to make time for reflection. I felt rather annoyed with my self for occupying a parcel of this cyber world, without contributing to it al all. What is there to contribute. My tango experiences are... well, inexistent... I realized that I have to change the direction of this blog. This blog can no longer serve as a diary of my tango experiences. It has to become my connection outlet to tango, where it will transport me to places, to worlds, to times, to milongas I cannot attend. I can not rely on my personal tango experiences anymore to actually write about. They are so few and far in between. Rather, I will try to share videos, music, images that relate to my life and tango. I will try to keep my tango flame flickering, with the help of this blgo....until I attend a festival. Then, I will dance all day and night, exhaust my self and sleep with a smile on my face....
So on that note, here I go:)
Here is a video from youtube, taken on the Birthday of Miguel Angel Zotto.
He truly is celebrating isn't he:)

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