Wednesday, December 17, 2008

What a great Vals...

Clavelito en Flor, Rodriguez, lovely, lovely, lovely...

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Moments: in tango and in life...

I am having an epiphany as I am writing these words. I know it will leave me soon. In a few minutes, it will not feel as much as an epiphany but an obvious point, so before "the moment" loses its magic, I have to put it down it words... The judgment, after reading this post, on whether it is dull, boring, and obvious, or it is compelling, thought provoking, and interesting, is ultimately, yours...

I realize now, that life, my life more specifically, is a series of moments that travel between utter confusion and brilliant clarity... And this is true for my life and tango experience. So although it is not possible to categorize every single point on this continuum, I am willing to make a few categorizations of these moments, that leave a mark, in my tango and life experience...

The A-Ha moment:
Others have written about it (i.e. Debbi). But the A-Ha moment is when something, previously unattainable, confusing, complex, instantaneously becomes easy, clear, and doable. Somebody, something, some force turns on a switch, shuts off a valve....
And you get it.. It might flee the scene soon after, like a dream that was so vivid in the morning with all its details, and becoming increasingly hard to remember towards the evening. Now that I am thinking about it, I might be having an A-Ha moment, as I am writing these words...
Moral of the story: enjoy it while it lasts, because there is no guarantee of its true loyalty.

the WTF moment:
This is a moment when you are let wondering... Something triggers this WTF response, and you are left with the feeling of "WTF do I do with this???" It is a moment of confusion, but it is a confusion that is not brought on by an asymmetry of capabilities or intellect between you and the other. Rather, it is brought on by you and the other, bypassing each other tangent, or rather parallel, without ever making contact. It is usually triggered by other's actions, a feeling of annoyed confusion follows.
Moral of the story: Just be aware that you might me simultaneously causing a WTF moment for the other. And also, try not to give away your frustration rudely, as tempting as it is. After all, it is just a "moment in time."

The "Duh" moment:
It usually happens when your immediate impulsive gut reaction to a situation (or a lead) is wrong, and is immediately followed by an understanding of what it should have been. It is often perceived as an embarrassing moment in time. You might start apologizing, talking uncontrollably, blushing, making more impulsive mistakes, or shamelessly blame it on the other. (ALl of these might happen at the same time too)
Moral of the story: Please refrain from hitting your forehead with your palm, and making the actual sound of "Duh!". The best strategy is to move on like nothing happened... you know... like those people who fart in yoga class...

The Na-ah moment (especially when followed by a Ya-ah moment by the other):
This moment usually triggers the uncontrollable rising of a single eyebrow, the shaking of the index finger from right to left towards the other, and a swaying of neck. In extreme cases, it might also lead to a verbal impulse such as "No you di'nt" and in very rare occasions three snaps.. Usually an unwanted or unapproved action/lead by the other, often sleazy or offensive in nature, leads to this particular moment. Especially, if both sides are stubborn and wanting to get their was, it might lead to alternating and escalating Na-ah and Ya-ah moments, which often climax to a bitch slap or a cat fight.
Moral of the story: When experiencing a Na-ah moment, leave the scene while you can. Believe me, you do not want to be bitch slapped, clawed, or dragged by your hair. And if you cause a Na-ah moment unintentionally, follow with a "Duh" moment rather than a Ya-ah moment in a feeble attempt to retain your dignity. Move on.. Move on...

The Oops Moment:
When your human interaction leads to a catastrophy. This is a reckless moment when your interaction with the other leads someone else to lose an eye, a toe, or their nerve... Do not, I repeat, do not follow this moment with a Ya-ah moment, or you might be seriously harmed by the party that was the victim of your Oops moment.
Moral of the story: Apologize, and move on. Or, you can try to run. Remember you only need to outrun the other person who caused the oops.

The Awwwwww Moment:
Triggered often by fluffy white kittens, or toothless chubby babies, and also very rarely by the observation or by experiencing of a diabetic shock inducing sweet moment, brought to you by the other. Actually this moment is contagious, so it can rub of from two people experiencing to you the observer, without any warning. Or you can experience it directly. In either case, the side effects may include, uncontrollable stupefied smile, drooling, over-exuberance, an verbal diarrhea. It has also been noted in medical journals that, on people with severe case of cynicism, it leads to nausea.
Moral of the story: If you are directly receiving an Awww moment (and you are not a cynic) enjoy it, but do not look around to count how many observers of your awww moment there are, it is tacky. If you are a non-cynic observer, enjoy it, but try to control your symptoms, after all, drooling on others' Awwww moment can seem desparate. If you are a cynic and experience an Awww moment, call a health care professional (potentially, a psychiatrist who can prescribe chemically induced Awww moments that might not cause Nausea).

The Mmmmmmm Moment:
Simply equated to a deliciously slow melting chocolate between your lips, often undetectable by observers, and sometimes not even noticed by the other who is inducing it in the first place, the Mmmmmmm moment is a blissful occasion. If the other is not aware that they are causing the Mmmmmm moment, you can give them a verbal cue, but the moment is ephemeral and do not count on the other remembering what they did to cause that positive reaction. If the other is aware of what they did, then you should verbalize your Mmmmmmm moment, possibly by saying "mmmmmmmm" to ensure a repeat performance.
Moral of the story: Enjoy it when it happens, cause it is a rare moment, and a special reminder to producers and consumers of Mmmmm moments, overexposure leads to insensitivity, and potentially nausea.

The Zzzzzzz Moment:
The Zzzzz moment can be caused either by the other or by one's self. Or sometimes the odd combination of both sides leads to a Zzzzzz moment. The Zzzzz moment has sleep inducing qualities often due to the boring and unsophisticated nature of the interaction.
Moral of the story: Try to control yourself, and refrain from snoring. Even if it means you have to use those nasal strips that soccer players do. Either leave the sleep inducing interaction, or if you want to sleep give into it.

The Blah moment:
Often confused with the Zzzzzzz moment, the Blah moment is another dull moment in the continuum of human interactions. It however does not have any sleep inducing qualities. Rather, it causes a loss of appetite, and might lead to a loss of senses. Those that experience a blah moment, often lose their mojo, joie de vivre, their spark if you will.
Moral of the story: Leave the interaction before the other sucks the life out of you... You might go and ask a friend to slap you, in order to defibrillate your sensations back to life. Make sure she slaps both cheeks, it will give you a healthy glow...

The Ta-daaaa moment:
This moment is a moment that you, the other, or both of you together, create. It might be described by the following adjectives: childish, silly, playful, happy, and extroverted. Your interaction creates a synergy that is easily observable by others, which leads you and the other to become silly in the joy of the occasion. It might lead to extra showy behavior.
Moral of the story: This is a fun moment, as long as you do not get carried away and poke an eye. Again, as it is in the Awwwwww moment, do not look around to count your observers, it makes you look like a clown.Also, avoid Jazz hands.

Wow, this post makes up for almost all the other posts I did not write...:) Enjoy all the moments of your life:)
I am having a cold moment in my office right now...:)

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Love be a follower...

Love be a follower
Do not abandon my hands
You have lead me to so many places
so many faces
right or wrong
I followed you
you left me breathless
you bypassed my mind
I followed your measure
you set the pace of my heartbeat
so now
I am lost
do not abandon me

Love be a follower for once
follow me
for once
instead of dragging me
to doubtful sentiments
listen to me
feel my heartbeat
I am pleading
comfort me
follow me
guide me when I am lost
by standing behind me
by standing beside me
because I am lost
and I need your assurances...

Love be a follower...
I am honest..
I do not possess
the serenity to accept the things I might have to
so love
do not abandon these hands now...
do not lead them to unknown distances
love be a follower
for once...

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Debbi, in her blog, An Ever Fixed Mark, made a very interesting post on practice and Tango. It made me think a lot, and I had thought about some of the things she talks about there before, and I take this opportunity, to express them here. Lovely post, Debbi. Thanks.

Take tango out of Debbi’s post, and it is the recipe for better communication not only on the dance floor, but in life. Tango arrived at a time in my life when I was exploring these issues, trying to understand human communication and relationships in general:
What do I want?
Why do I want it?
How do I want it?
How do I express it?
How am I perceived?
How do I perceive the response?
What goes wrong, how does it go wrong, and why does it go wrong?
And sometimes,
What goes right? Why did I succeed? Was it successful communication or dumb luck?

Maybe this is why I fell in love with Tango, because it essentially deals with these questions, on the dance floor. And I think tango really had a huge impact on me in answering these questions off the dance floor as well.

Just to clarify, I do not think about these questions when I dance. Most of my learning happens off the dance floor, just like I do not think about these when I am communicating. But through internal reflection, and talking with friends, and observations of life, I reflect, absorb, internalize, learn and I realize at some point that it becomes second nature. This is a very reflective process, just like tango is, to me.

So when I am on the dance floor, I am there because I want to be, and I dance. And when I am communicating in a relationship, whether it is friendship, or family, or love, I do not have time to ask these questions during the communication, I just have to trust that what I have learned through this process of learning, if you might call it, practice, will come to my aid, and guide my actions as naturally adaptive, accommodating and flexible as possible.

Everyone is different, this is my approach, and I can happily say that it has worked quite wonderfully for my relationships and for my dance.:)

The funny thing is, you know, they say, practice makes perfect, it really does not.:)
You have to keep working at it,
and you will enjoy it more,
and it will feel less like practice,
less like a chore,
and more like life it self.
Just like in tango, there is no perfect in life.
In my opinion, you cannot be perfect, alone. And if you are lucky, you can help create perfect little moments with others, that will stay still in the continuum of time as an unforgettable memory.

Solitary perfection, not only is a futile concept, but also would be a dreadful thing to behold…

But for us, there is the embrace, the hug, the silence, the understanding, the a- ha, and there are the blissful and ephemeral moments....

I am not
You are not
we are not
and yet, under certain stars,
when the moon is out
when that song is playing
when you hold me that way
when I trust you
when you listen to me
dare I say

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

I should have named the previous post....

Stream of tango-consciousness....

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Stream of consciousness...

Post tango blues
maybe a cold
the cool approach of autumn
colder than usual
after all the embraces...
counting down to next embrace
listening to Troilo
too much...
Walking on a bridge that really isn't there
between what can be and what is
Walking on a bridge that is crumbling
from dreams to daily hustle
from goodbye to hello again
from this time zone to that, and then to another
with a tango stuck in replay
over and over again...
cada vez

Monday, September 29, 2008

Romance de Barrio... one of my favorite valses

Source for lyrics:
Romance de barrio (Neighborhood romance)

Music: Aníbal Carmelo Troilo
Lyrics: Homero Manzi
Rec. by Anibal Troilo
with Floreal Ruiz (Tr. Jake Spatz)
Recited 25 Jan. 06, Divino Lounge

Primero la cita lejana de Abril,
tu oscuro balcon, tu antiguo jardin;
mas tarde las cartas de pulso febril
mintiendo que no, jurando que si.
Romance de barrio, tu amor y mi amor,
primero un querer, después un dolor
por culpas que nunca tuvimos
por culpas que debimos sufrir los dos.

First the far-off April rendezvous,
your old-time garden, your balcony in darkness;
then the letters of fevered pulse,
lying no, and testifying yes.
Neighborhood romance, your love and my love,
first a desire, later a heartache
over faults we were never guilty of,
over faults that both of us had to suffer for.

Hoy viviras despreciandome, tal vez sin soñar
que lamento al no poderte tener,
el dolor de no saber olvidar...
hoy estaras como nunca lejos mio,
lejos de tanto llorar—
fue porque si, que el despecho te cego como a mi
sin mirar que en el rencor del adios
castigabas con crueldad tu corazón;
fue porque si, que de pronto no supimos pensar
que es más facil renegar y partir
que vivir sin olvidar...

You despise me today, perhaps without dreaming
that I weep at not being able to keep you,
the grief of not knowing how to forget...
You're over me today like never before,
you're over all the weeping—
and all because spite blinded you the same as me,
without showing you that the grudge of your goodbye
punished your heart with its cruelty—
and all because it was suddenly beyond us to imagine
that it's easier to swear and walk away
than to live without forgetting...

Ceniza del tiempo la cita de Abril,
tu oscuro balcon, tu antiguo jardin,
las cartas trazadas con mano febril,
mintiendo que no, jurando que si.
Retornan vencidas tu voz y mi voz
trayendo al volver con tonos de horror
las culpas que nunca tuvimos,
las culpas que debimos pagar los dos.

Ashes of time, that April rendezvous,
your old-time garden, your balcony in darkness,
the letters drawn out with fevered hand,
lying no, and testifying yes.
In defeat they return, your voice and my voice,
carrying back to us in pitches of horror
the faults we were never guilty of,
the faults that both of us had to suffer for.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Movement and Love...

I saw Pride and Prejudice last night. The 2005 version. There were a number dancing scenes that I really enjoyed watching. So much that I went on to read about English Country dancing. There are many interesting things written on it, and the articles all talk about the dance not as a form of physical performance but a social interaction, a way of practicing and expressing elegance, knowledge, and feelings. It made me reflect on our society today. Compared to earlier times there is much less dancing, dancing for the most part has evolved into something of a personal nature, most do not do it well. Our increasingly individualistic societies would make us believe that we, as individuals, are most valuable and capable beings, and yet most of us suck at performing individually. We individually are encouraged to sit in our personal homes, watch our personal TVs, eat our single serving TV dinners, to individually choose to wear the same jeans as a reflection of our personal choice and taste. Are we that dumb to not notice that we, individually, choose to behave exactly the same way. The result? A bunch of "individuals" who watch the same shows, eat the same foods, wear the same things, blissfully ignorant of their banal existence, and yet so painfully aware of their loneliness.
Creating something as a society is a lost concept. When it happens it is rare and received with surprise and sometimes it is even looked down upon. How did we end up here? What does that say about our society? And it is not only in the USA that this is happening. Everywhere social dances which were at the center of social interaction have been reduced to something to learn for performance or role playing.
My romantic side gave in as I was reading all this stuff, and for a split second I found my self wishing to live back in those days. Then my rationality kicked in and I revised my wish, my impossible wish of being transported in time to attend one of the country dances in those days.
So at the end of the rant, I am going to share with you a bunch of links which are very interesting and describe the culture behind English country dances. I cannot promise it will improve your day, but most likely will make you day dream...
dream away...

A very interesting article: The Felicities of Rapid Motion: Jane Austen in the Ballroom, by Allison Thompson

General illustrations of women's clothing styles of Jane Austen's period

But seriously, sometimes I think that I am totally born in the wrong era. Current state of the world does nothing for my romantic, naive, and idealistic tendencies, and mostly leaving me to feel disillusioned. Tango is the only thing that saves me. Thankfully...

Friday, June 6, 2008

Speaking of Milonga...

Here is one of my favorite milonga videos.

Friday, May 30, 2008

Milonga, object of my new infatuation...

I know I know.. It has been a long time... Instead of explaining the reasons behind my silence, something that even I do not understand very well, I am going to dive into this post right in, just like jumping into the cold, clear, salty waters of the mediterranean in early summer, where the contrast between the hot days and cold seas makes you feel more than just alive... So let's see if this post has the same efect on me:)
Milonga.. Yes it my new found love. I love listening to it, singing it, dancing to it.. Something clicked a while ago and just like that I switched from dreading milongas to loving them. I grew up I guess:) or Tango Gods thought it was time to turn the milonga switch on...
I feel the connection is soo much more intricate during dancing the milonga. You can fit so much more conversation. Without good connection though it will be a cacaphony. Or... it can be really boring. In fact I remember dancing the milonga in the past and being really bored because I either felt like we were just marching around, or playing Choo choo train. You can only do that or like 15 seconds and then you get bored you know...Also navigation is even more important in milonga. But if you have the connection then it can be like two giddy kids chasing each other with a garden hose:, or playing tag.
With milonga its really all or nothing. You either get bored to death or you have the time of your life. There is not in between.

Speaking of playing tag by the way, what the hell is wrong with the society these days: Take a look at this: Danger! Kids Playin Tag
How are kids supposed to socialize, how are they to build character, learn to toughen up, learn to compromise, learn to associate with other human beings if they are micromanaged like this?
People give kids way too little credit.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Tango and the corner of your mouth...

The most delicious, beautiful place? On human body? Corner of the mouth. Just where the upper and the lower lip unites and where the cheek starts. If I were to be a photographer, that would be a close up I would love to take of many many people, of old people with wrinkled faces and well used corners, and babys that have fat cheeks and dimpled corners, of smiles and crying faces...
That is the most kissable part. That is the most intriguing part. The part that is closest to our hearts. Why? Eyes you say? What about eyes? Eyes can lie... I have seen eyes that seduce, can spy.... They are deadly, those hazel, those green, those blue eyes... But can corner of the mouth seduce? Can it lie? Can it black mail? Can it threaten? No! It is innocent, vulnerable, its only advantage is that not many people pay attention to it..
Corner of the mouth...It just tells the truth. If you are happy, content, pleasantly surprised, if you are having a good time, the corner of your mouth cannot help but curl up... And if you are unhappy, upset, sad, melancholic, it will sag. That is how one pouts. Its not the lips, it is the corner of your mouth that allows that...
As a tango fanatic and a follower, I have a connection with the corner of the mouth... I close my eyes. I fall into the embrace. I inhale, I give in, I connect.. And when I feel like the one I am dancing with is dreaming along, my forehead on his cheek, I peek in between my eyelashes, and see the corner of his mouth. And that is.. my favorite tango moment.
Because tango allows me to have that little window, laced with eyelashes,where I catch a glimpse of their utmost inner parts, the mirrors of their souls, and yet, it is like a flash that explodes in all its whiteness and brilliance.. And before I know, the tanda ends, we thank each other.
I wonder, much later, how can I know so much of him, but not his name?

Friday, February 15, 2008

Out of my reach...

Valentango is going on this weekend. I cannot go. For many reasons, like, hum, let me think... money and time? Yep those are the usual suspects. There is also not wanting to go away for a tango weekend on the Valentines weekend. Even though it is a commercial pseudo-holiday... Still, I cannot bring my self to leave my partner (who does not dance tango) alone.
Adjusting to each other is important in life and in tango. Being perceptive, being sensitive to what your mirror image might feel, think, want is key to a great life and a great tanda together. He does not know it but he has been dancing tango with me for a loooong time:)
So Valentango is out of my reach this year. What is in my reach is a happy life, full of understanding, love, compromise... And still I get a lot of tango, because I am lucky to have a partner, who does not dance tango, but who appreciates my passion for it.:)

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Danzarin is 1 year old!:)

My alter,uber, and side ego Danzarin is turning one today. I am holding an imaginary milonga, on my blog:) I hope you can attend. No cover charge, just bring all your good tango karma along when you are visiting the blog, preferably read the most recent post, or a favorite old one, in your favorite tango shoes:)
I am grateful for all the friends I have, all the friends I made, and all the ones I will, through tango. I am grateful all my past and present tango shoes:) Within the last year (since February 13, 2007) I danced mucho tango, I attended 6 tango festivals (wow now I realize where all my money went) and enjoyed many blissful moments of tango bliss. You all, knowingly or unkonowingly have been an integral part of it. So. THANK YOU, from the bottom of my tango-bound heart...

Monday, February 11, 2008

Danzarin just realized....
That she is approaching the first aniversary of her blog (which is February 13)... And so far she has had 2923 visitors.. Wouldn't it be great if the blog would reach 3000 visitors by Wednesday? That wuold be amazing. It already is amazing... After all 3000 is just a number. But I have OCD (Obsessive Compulsive DIsorder) and I have a tendency to vy for rounded numbers:) In either case, Danzarin is very excited, that she has had such a positive experience with the blog..

Images that I love...

I fell in live with this image, from Prada FAshion show...
Also, I love the photo that Sorin took of Debbie.. Don't know how he did it, actually he explains it but I have no capacity to understand such things.. I just have capacity to appreciate the outcome...

Thursday, January 10, 2008

tango-tagged... is the deal:
got tagged by Johanne of
As other fellow bloggers, I will have to tag some that have already been tagged. As much as I would love to, cannot justify spending the time to go through each blog to figure out who has already been tagged. Too much work makes me me a dull blogger:)

Anyhow, rules of Blogger Tag:

The Rules:

1. Post the rules on your blog
2. Link to the person who tagged you
3. Share seven random and/or weird things about yourself.
4. Tag seven people at the end of your post and include links to their blogs.
5. Let each person know they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

1. I once was a high-jumper.

2. I actually used the phrase "Quick, follow that car!" in real life by jumping into a car whose owners I did not know. (DOn't worry it was not a stalking incident, but explaining it would take a long time- suffice it to say that I was 13 years old when I did this)

3. I had a pet turtle once

4. I am left handed, and I wonder if, when I dance tango, the leaders can tell?
5. I love finding little treasures at antique shops or good will stores.

6. I sang a capella in college

7. I have this silly dream/aspiration of one day being able to sing Malena (and other tangos) as expresively as someone like Roxana Fontan...

And I tag...
Alex -
La nuit blanche -
The tango addiction:
(That counts as two)
Tango Cherie -

Wednesday, January 9, 2008


I came across this interesting website. I am always baffled by dreams. HOw do they happen, why? I read a little about it but still I think they are fascinating little short films that we direct and sometimes have the lead role in... I have had such bizarre, such funny, such puzzling dreams in my life... So this software is very interesting to me. At the very least it makes for a very nice alarm clock:)
so if you are curious about recording your dreams, click here: Dream Recorder

Monday, January 7, 2008

Ne me quitte pas! Tango:)

The lyrics of this classic is all the more romantic when you watch it, when you see JAcques Brel sing it... An ugly man, a desparate man... I want to give him a hug, and share his burden, his sorrow... Maybe tango could help him?;)
I also love the Nina Simone version as well as the Ute Lemper version. But Jacques is my favorite...

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

New Year Resolution

Happy new year to all of you! I hope your productivity goes up this year. Here is a great video that might give you some tips:)