Thursday, January 10, 2008

tango-tagged... is the deal:
got tagged by Johanne of
As other fellow bloggers, I will have to tag some that have already been tagged. As much as I would love to, cannot justify spending the time to go through each blog to figure out who has already been tagged. Too much work makes me me a dull blogger:)

Anyhow, rules of Blogger Tag:

The Rules:

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1. I once was a high-jumper.

2. I actually used the phrase "Quick, follow that car!" in real life by jumping into a car whose owners I did not know. (DOn't worry it was not a stalking incident, but explaining it would take a long time- suffice it to say that I was 13 years old when I did this)

3. I had a pet turtle once

4. I am left handed, and I wonder if, when I dance tango, the leaders can tell?
5. I love finding little treasures at antique shops or good will stores.

6. I sang a capella in college

7. I have this silly dream/aspiration of one day being able to sing Malena (and other tangos) as expresively as someone like Roxana Fontan...

And I tag...
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The tango addiction:
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  1. Thanks for playing! I'm so impressed you can jump backwards at great heights. Very, very neat. And that you got to say "follow that car"! Fun stuff.

  2. Hola Danzarin!

    Are you still singing? I thank the Universe every day for singers and musicians, even though I am neither - I am blessed (or is it cursed?) only with a "good ear".

    I hope you are still singing...

  3. I am singing, I enjoy it a lot, although now I just sing to my self:) Not in an organized way. I want to take some singing lessons, for I have a good ear but no formal training, and I want to learn how to sing tango properly. I am so inspired by people who can sing tangos. To see a couple of wonderful examples by Libertad Lamarque, visit: