Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Love be a follower...

Love be a follower
Do not abandon my hands
You have lead me to so many places
so many faces
right or wrong
I followed you
you left me breathless
you bypassed my mind
I followed your measure
you set the pace of my heartbeat
so now
I am lost
do not abandon me

Love be a follower for once
follow me
for once
instead of dragging me
to doubtful sentiments
listen to me
feel my heartbeat
I am pleading
comfort me
follow me
guide me when I am lost
by standing behind me
by standing beside me
because I am lost
and I need your assurances...

Love be a follower...
I am honest..
I do not possess
the serenity to accept the things I might have to
so love
do not abandon these hands now...
do not lead them to unknown distances
love be a follower
for once...


  1. Thanks:) I was very inspired last night...

  2. You wrote those verses yourself?! Really good.

  3. Yes, I wrote it last night. I was inspired by my tango experience, and sometimes tango allows me to express my self, not only on the dance floor, but also on paper. It allows me to reflect on things, to be creative, to consider, in ways I might not have even known how to otherwise...