Sunday, February 17, 2008

Tango and the corner of your mouth...

The most delicious, beautiful place? On human body? Corner of the mouth. Just where the upper and the lower lip unites and where the cheek starts. If I were to be a photographer, that would be a close up I would love to take of many many people, of old people with wrinkled faces and well used corners, and babys that have fat cheeks and dimpled corners, of smiles and crying faces...
That is the most kissable part. That is the most intriguing part. The part that is closest to our hearts. Why? Eyes you say? What about eyes? Eyes can lie... I have seen eyes that seduce, can spy.... They are deadly, those hazel, those green, those blue eyes... But can corner of the mouth seduce? Can it lie? Can it black mail? Can it threaten? No! It is innocent, vulnerable, its only advantage is that not many people pay attention to it..
Corner of the mouth...It just tells the truth. If you are happy, content, pleasantly surprised, if you are having a good time, the corner of your mouth cannot help but curl up... And if you are unhappy, upset, sad, melancholic, it will sag. That is how one pouts. Its not the lips, it is the corner of your mouth that allows that...
As a tango fanatic and a follower, I have a connection with the corner of the mouth... I close my eyes. I fall into the embrace. I inhale, I give in, I connect.. And when I feel like the one I am dancing with is dreaming along, my forehead on his cheek, I peek in between my eyelashes, and see the corner of his mouth. And that is.. my favorite tango moment.
Because tango allows me to have that little window, laced with eyelashes,where I catch a glimpse of their utmost inner parts, the mirrors of their souls, and yet, it is like a flash that explodes in all its whiteness and brilliance.. And before I know, the tanda ends, we thank each other.
I wonder, much later, how can I know so much of him, but not his name?


  1. "a little window, laced with eyelashes". Absolutely beautiful!

  2. Beautiful thoughts, lovely image. I am going to notice this part of the face next time I am dancing. And your thoughts will bring a gentle upward curve to the corner of my mouth today.

  3. Wow. I am going to have to pay more attention to the corner of the mouth. Lovely post.

  4. i agree... it is the most kissable part of a lover.

    i find myself licking the corner of his mouth after a particularly beautiful tango... :)

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