Saturday, February 21, 2009

Girl Afraid of Dreaming..

What is the shelf life of the hope I bought?
How can I believe in what I think not-ought?
My future tied to shadows that I have long fought
I implore, I carve on the mast I lean on:
Let me see, let me breathe, let me go ashore…

When I was a girl so little
I had feelings oh so brittle
A soul so fragile that it’ll
Shatter and forever remain
On the discount aisle of a misunderstood peoples store…

So afraid of the status quo’s future dispositions
And so not brave to consider risky propositions
Given that there are no listed shattered souls auditions
I remain here on this shiprwreck and hope
That I sleep long and silent and that I dream no more…

Picture: Girl at the Mirror by Norman Rockwell

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