Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Is there anything more to be said?

It seems that everything there is to say about Tango have already been said. Every move has been created and copied in multitude.. Every thought has been processed, shared, and consumed... Every dance experience has been had. Every song has been heard, every beat has been stepped. Have accepted too many dances, turned down too many cabeceos, Have been to countless milongas, many festivals, stayed up all too many nights dancing all night. Have taken many post-tango Advils, suffered many tango injuries, have been stepped on, bumped against, pushed around, pulled away... I have worn all the fashionable tango clothes, paid too much money for shoes and accessories.

So... Am I done?

In words of a famous poet:
The most beautiful sea hasn't been crossed yet.
The most beautiful child hasn't grown up yet.
Our most beautiful days we haven't seen yet.
And the most beautiful words I wanted to tell you...

and I add:

the most beautiful tanda hasn't been danced yet
The most beautiful tango hasn't been written
The most fun entry in this blog I have yet to write
The best pair of tango shoes I am yet to find

I have yet to dance in Paris, Beijing, or Sidney
I have yet to sing a tango out side of my shower
I have yet to capture that great feeling
that connection
that palpitation
I have yet to put it in a jar
like a summer time firefly
And keep it for cold winter days...

This is when time is beginning every day
setting it self to zero
This is when, finally, beginning is fun..

So this is the beginning..
Never the end...

Or if you wish... there is no beginning.. and no end...


  1. Now, that is Beautiful, for life as in Tango, is an eternal beginning for us to enjoy. Happy Tango/Life!

  2. I am so happy to see some one is reading these words and understands and shares my feelings! Thank you and welcome Dieudonne!

  3. To be able to write what you have written, you have danced the most captivating tanda, not of your life, but your life up to now. You've kept it in the beautiful jar that is your memory. But you are also looking forward to dancing an even more moving tanda, and capturing that in your memory, to be brought out and savoured sometime in the future.

    Wishing you many more Gavito moments.

  4. Found your blog today. Compared to many, I'm a newbie at tango, I've been dancing for almost four years now. For the first year I danced no fewer than four days a week, every week. Currently I can't dance that often (as much as I'd love to!).

    I am lucky enough that the local teacher is skilled, passionate and silly! He likes to tease with his leading, things that we were never taught and seem to not make sense. He loves dancing with me because I enjoy the experience (and don't feel embarrassed when I don't figure out what to do) and welcome the "teases." Recently I fell asleep on my chair and he asked me to dance! He put his arms around my waist and had me put my arms around his neck and lead me like that. When he had me doing actual dancing with ochos and everything, I was was completely floored. Yes, still more to be learned and experienced.