Monday, July 8, 2013

“The Cabeceo” by Tom Gettelfinger of Memphis

The Cabeceo

To the man across:
If ever your dreams do falter
Your heart you must not alter
Open your chest and and clench your jaw
More determined then before
And now that you failed, wiser than ever...
For your stance and your gaze
For your reclusive embrace
Is why I come here every night.
This is the rule of tango for you,
 the man who has the arms of a secluded bay,
Where my sails of yearning and sadness
find rest...

To the woman across:
If ever the tough predicament...
Turn your other cheek so that I may hold you...
Extend your arm with patience and  grace,
With that elegant strength,
Embrace for what may threaten the future...
This, is the rule of tango for you,
the woman
who carries water from far away
and quenches my thirst for affection...
Your closed eyes, your silent sweat, your arms
my affliction...


  1. I'm glad you like the was in a juried show on Tango a few years ago in BA...along with a few others.

    Nice poem, inspired by photo I presume.

    Tom Gettelfinger Memphis

  2. I'm glad to see my photo..taken in BA some years agoat Club Espagnol afternoon milonga.
    The photo was in a juried show in BA about Tango.

    And nice work/juxtaposiyion on the poetry.

    Where are you?

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