Sunday, April 22, 2007

Lost and found...

I lost my tango groove the other night, like many of the other tango bloggers
that have recently experienced. It is interesting. I wonder if this is
something contagious:) As yo are responding to one blog entry and
telling them that this happens to every one, you find your self in the
void of tango nothingness yourself:) Or maybe it takes turns. Ijust
learned to not to take those nights so seriously. I try to treat them
like a bad hair day, or a "I am fat" day. It happens once in a while,
never pleasant but thankfully never permanent either.
A lot is
happening in my life right now. Many things are changing. The speed
with which the days pass is scaring me, and change is always scary so I
find my self in a whirlpool. Tango is part of it too. I just found out
that I will be relocating due to job circumstances and it is scaring
me. I like my job, and changing location is not pleasant. So many
friendships formed, so much investment made to this community in which
I live in. So it is hard to pack up and go. And yet I know it is time
to move on..
What will this mean for tango? Well, I heard that my new location does not have a huge tango community. So this will mean probably more festivals, and less milongas. Total change...
I am a little overwhelmed right now with this sudden change in plans. My future looks so different. I do not think I can reflect on this in a healthy manner now.
The good news is, I found my tango groove again:) So for now I will enjoy my life here while I can...

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  1. Danzarin,

    Wondering where you are... still lost? :-) When will we find you again?