Saturday, May 5, 2007

out of touch!

Sorry for being out of touch for so long. As I have mentioned in my blog, for work reasons I am moving once again. It requires reshuffling my life and re-arranging many things. Not easy. The worst part is that I am not able to dance much these days. My shoes are looking at me and I to them. They are looking sad. So am I. This move will be tough on both of us. But I shall find new ways to satisfy my tango cravings. Already thinking about the next festival.hmmm. where can I go... But first, I decided, prior to my move, to take a break. To go somewhere far, to recover, to heal, to gather energy to start anew. So I am taking the month of June off. And in July I will be in my new location. So because of all this, I have to finalize many things prior to my vacation in June.
I shall be back with other posts, hopefully interesting to those who read this blog. Thank you for your great support. I shall be back, better than ever:)

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