Tuesday, September 4, 2007

What festival is your favorite?

So I have been reading some blogs on tango, and it seems like many people were at the Denver Labor Day tango festival. When I used to live in my previous location, I used to not to care at all about festivals, simply because the quality and quantity of tango was high. I did not need to travel. Now I definitely do. Any that sucks to a certain extent, but also I should see it as an opportunity to travel to new places, meet new people.
Previously I have been to the Washington DC tango marathon, and Yale tango fest. Oh and Atlanta tango fest. Denver was just a recent addition for me. I have to say Denver was also my favorite so far. I made a lot of new tango friends. Got to see some interesting characters. Got many invitations to travel to other festivals from tangueros and tangoeras of other locations, like Houston, San Fransisco, Portland... It was truly a wonderful experience.
So noe I am thinking... What is next...
Let's go to Portland;
Maybe that will be my new favorite.
until I go to BsAs. Then I guess nothing will suffice!
Also... It is so interesting that so many people who blog were actually at the Denver festival. I guess the bloggers are true afficionados of tango!


  1. CITA is my favourite. Then CITP, then maybe Sitges.

  2. Hey, Danzarin, it's so good to have you back... And if you were in Denver, so sorry we didn't know, Tina and myself already did a little Female-Tango-Blogger reunion that was quite fun :)

  3. You were in Denver? Which one's you? :)

  4. Methosan:) I think, if I am right on who you might be, I saw you but either I was dancing when you were not or vice versa. It would have been nice to dance with you. But don't you love not knowing?:) Maybe we will dance in the future;)

  5. la tanguera, yes it would have been nice. We have to organize a future gathering;)

  6. Yes... we have to figure out a way... :)

    Would love to have that chance,