Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Youth, potential and Tango

Have you ever wondered what you could be like if you had started dancing tango at age 7? I sure have. A completely ridiculous question, since it would have been a very different life that I would be leading now if I had the opportunity and the choice to do such a thing, and I am almost certain I would not have liked that life as much as I like my life now. But from strictly tango perspective, to go along with all those tandas that during which I feel that I am flying as well as all those ones during which I am a sinking ship, I do wonder sometimes... What would I be like? And when I see a video like this, I realize, some questions are better left as fantastic thought experiments; some questions are better left unanswered...

The video shows Geraldine Rojas (at age 13) and Andres Amarilla (age 17) dancing to Mala Junta, date October 1993

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  1. Dear Danzarin,

    Well said... I often wonder how much better I could be if I had just started to dance a bit earlier... learning a dance in my early 30s (as I did) is not the same as dancing in one's early 20s... let alone the teen-years. And notwithstanding Geraldine's amazing abilities (because I bet other children and teens may not have been as able, sensitive and skill to develop their art so masterfully) I bet her early start had much to do with how far she's been able to go.