Thursday, February 15, 2007

enjoying a milonga!

What makes a milonga enjoyable? Great partners? Good DJ? Sensible tandas? good moving dance floor? am I missing something?
I think I am.. When I first started dancing I looked at milongas only as opportunities to dance. I was learning this damn thing which was so difficult and challenging, and I was going to dance! Now the attitude changed.. Dancing is almost second nature, not because I am great, but because it is an addiction now, a very big habit. It is not constant struggle and an effort to prove my self.. Hence, now milongas are social events. Partners are not dance delivery systems. Music is not rythmic device for movement. And drink is not something you only take when you are thirsty.
And all this attitude change towards milongas, made them so much more enjoyable. I sometimes do not even care if I dance or not. I truly enjoy the conversations, the jokes, the music, and the wine. And I mostly dance with partners that I really enjoy dancing with. OR with friends that I cannot say no to. Thankfully, mostly they coincide.

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