Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Going to the airport...

Packed everything... the business stuff, the shoes, the toothbrush, my ipod, and my melancholy. Taking them all away. Traveling, on the cab, I was thinking I need a break, from this city, from this place, this community.. For a few days. So its good that I am on a cab.. Or is it..
Its funny, we like torturing ourselves.
As I was in the cab, I was looking at all the houses that we passed by, people living in it, it seemed cosy and nice, the ones that had their lights on. I wanted to drop everything, knock on their door, and ask if I can come in for dinner. We could talk about anything, except the stuff that is complicated. We can talk about their kids, and their life, what vacations they are planning, their family etc.. I would not want to talk about me.. It is all about me these days, my feelings, my confusion, my despair, my happiness, my joy..
But no.. work awaits. So I packed everything, including my melancholy.. And no, I did not pack my tango shoes..

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