Saturday, February 24, 2007

Moths around a flame...

My tango soundtrack is on again.. I told you. I told you it would come back, to lure me into its irresistable gravity. And it did. Pins and needles. I am looking at my tango shoes, and the mirror.. The mirror has a distorted image...Half my face is smiling, the other not. Am I the Mona Lisa? She is not that pretty, and not that happy most of the time. I am happy.. and when I am happy I think I am pretty. So I am not Mona Lisa. Was Mona Lisa as tall as me?
Did Mona Lisa have three spots on her abdomen? They are like the three men that leave their marks... One for the ones in the past, one for now, and a very faint undecided one, for the future.. Who knows maybe it will disappear in time, as the one now becomes larger and more prominent. Lets hope that happens. In the end, you don't want too many marks in your life or your abdomen.
Ok, I stopped looking at my abdomen in the mirror. I am looking at my shoes now. They have their beauty marks too. From dancing a lot. I like them more than any new pair. We have a history. They know what I am thinking when I am putting them on, when I am in them, and when I am taking them off. They know everything. I am just glad they cannot talk...
We are like moths around a flame, that we are drawn to, and sometimes we get too close and get burned, but we cannot resist going back.. Because that flame has this irresistable gravity that pulls us to it. And hence, I will put on my make up, and my tango shoes and fly to that flame, and try ot to get burned this time, if I can help it.

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