Monday, February 26, 2007

Life at my fingertips...

Something wonderful happened. I was dancing with a good friend. We danced three songs, I was very much in my zone of tango, completely captivated by the tangos playing, became unaware and very aware of my surroundings simultaneously. At the end of the tanda, he said:
"I can feel your pulse, in your fingertips."
I could sense my pulse at my fingertips. It was beautiful. I was serene, calm, my heart was not pounding, it was just my pulse, that had spread from my heart, to the end of my fingers.
Life flowing in my body, wild, untamed, was rushing with even greater power, raised by tango. I felt really good that night. I felt beautiful.
And it was beautiful to communicate through fingertips...
And now, the same fingertips are typing this message, communicating once again what life is like now.

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