Thursday, March 22, 2007

About a post...

I read a post on a blog that I recently discovered
On Tango, Love and Other Demons
In fact its about two posts: one is Tango Types (I): The Tangueros dated March 19th, and the other is Tango Types (II): The Tangueras dated March 21st. I liked both of the posts very much. In fact to the one on Tangueras, Sorin posted a very informative comment, that also gave us a perspective of what a good follower makes the leader feel like.
Although as I was reading the blog, I was thinking there are so many people who are actually a combination of these different types. Or in a given day, due to hormonal changes or other reasons :) we might end up turning into a tango bitch rather thana good follow. In other words, although I really like the typologies and find them interesting and informative, part of me cannot help but think, we are non of these and all of these at the same time, depending on the day, the time, the mood and the hormones:) Well, maybe there a few lucky ones out there who have found their ideal type and stuck to it. Me I find myself often fluctuating, and I do not even want to begin to imagine from which one type to another...
Overall though, I really like this blog. And Sorin's blog as well. I shall add them to my list of blogs on the right ASAP.


  1. Hi Danzarin,

    Thanks for noting my posts!! :) I agree with you, absolutely--even as I wrote these types, I realized that they were such that one single person could be classified in different types at different points in time. Some good friends who read the posts also commented on that same thing. Anyway, I think it's been good that it is providing some food for thought!

    I also loved Sorin's post. I believe that this is the best, most accurate and detailed description of the "perfect follow" I've ever heard. It was illuminating, in my view.

    Please keep on posting--I love your blog, too!


  2. Hi Tanguera! I really really enjoyed your post so I thought I would share it with who ever might stumble upon my blog. I find posts like yours great, they start a very stimulating forum for reflection and discussion. Very useful. You keep on posting too:)