Saturday, March 3, 2007

Cold night

Its a cold night out there. Do not feel like dancing. I feel terribly melancholic tonight. Sometimes tango and melancholy is just the perfect combination for a wonderful night out. Sometimes, its a potion that is poisonious. So, I am home. I am contemplating about my perspective on tango.
I am not from Argentina. I am not from the US. English is not my first language, tango is not my national heritage. Why do I feel so captivated, so connected to it? Can I truly understand what it actually is? Why have I identified with it so strongly?
Sometimes this happens with people too. I identify with a person so much, although I do not know them, I feel like I do. I want to know them. Maybe in a previous life, place and time, we have crossed paths? Or maybe in the future we will and that I sense that some how..It is an eerie feeling really. An eerie and irresistable feeling...
Is there a type of person that is drawn to tango? What kind of a person is it? Bohemian? Artistic? Romantic? Confused? I start smiling. I started explaining my self again, instead of tango.

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