Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Cannot dance in flat shoes..

I went to a milonga. I have given all my highheels to repair, so all I had was my flat dance sneakers, which I had not worn for 2 yrs. I remember them being very comfortable. They were. but my god!!! I could not dance in them. I had no balance. Maybe it was not the shoes, maybe I was having an off night, but I could not feel the floor in those clunky shoes, I did not feel pretty or sexy in those shoes and it totally affected my dance.
I turned down so many dances, because I really did not feel like dancing in those shoes. The men I turned down must be thinking: "My gosh, she is picky!"
I was saving them from a disastrous experience, but they do not know that. I actually led a friend of mine who is a beginner for a while, and that was fun. I was ok leading, so what is the problem with following.
Maybe I just like to blame the shoes.. The truth is my favorite partner(s) were not there, I did not have my favorite shoes, and it was an off night..
OR maybe, I forgot what it is to waer flat shoes...
Reminder to self: If nights like these did not exist, the excellent nights would not be as exciting!

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  1. Shoes are an integral part of the dance. If you aren´t wearing the right ones for you, it will completely throw you off.