Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Being back...

I am back:) Its nice being back. I saw my love, we spent some time
together and I realized how much I miss him how much I really love him.
Then I went to the DC tango Marathon. It was an interesting weekend really. I have to say it really did not begin well. In fact at theafternoon milonga on Saturday after having this terrible conversation and a tanda with this awful guy who thinks he is tango God (and by the way he is sooooo delusional) I wanted to pack my backs and come back. But just when things got worse, they got better as well. The last song of the milonga, I danced with a great guy, M, and it was like floating. I needed that after that terrible experience.
Starting with Saturday evening milonga, everything picked up, including my mood. It was a great milonga, danced many good dances, and was feeling good about my self.
I want to clarify that the feeling was about my self not about my tango. When I feel good I dance well too, its almost always like that. I do not remember amilonga where I felt good about myself and I had bad dances.
I have many things that I wondered about during this festival and I will share them in future posts. For now, I feel good...:)
After I came back I realized how exhausted I was. But ofcourse my mind won over my body and I went dancing again the next day, and ofcourse, no matter how bad your feet ache if you are in the mood to dance, you do well:) It felt really good to dance. I was loose and relaxed.
Still on tango high after the festival I guess.

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