Monday, March 26, 2007

cost of tango...

First question of the week: How much money do I (or do we) spend on tango? Too much! Not really, it is worth every penny. But dancing a lot (8 out of 11 of the last days) is taking both a financial toll on my pocketbook and a physical toll on my body. When I go out, I really do not want to worry about saving, I like to have some wine, taking a cab to and from the milonga, plus the milonga itself.. It ends up being at least $40 a night. well that means I spent over $300 strictly on tango dancing just with in the last 11 days...Wow and ouch!
On top of that, I think of all the purchases I make for the sake of tango. Shoes, clothes, make up... True, I would have bought these regardless ,but to this extent. Tango acts as a total inspiration to my shopping inclinations. In addition, of course, I also buy remedial products, foot cream, painkillers, etc.. By the way, I just say this add for the Olay Body Thermal Pedicure, a foot scrub that heats up. Sounds nice but who knows if it actually is worth a dime, will try and let you all know.
So over all, no wonder at the end of the month I wonder where all the money went, it went to tango of course... Of course I did not even speak about the physical cost. My feet are shot, I have a beautiful and very comfortable pair of tango shoes, But after 5 hrs of dancing on 4 inches, I do not think any pair of shoes can help. I need to do more stretching I know, for my feet and legs, as well as my back.. I am just so lazy about it. It is not a lack of knowledge issue, its pure laziness. I know every strech there is out there. I just am lazy. I have to start doing them regularly if I want to keep dancing though.

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  1. "Olay Body Thermal Pedicure" - I saw the commercial for that and was thinking I should try it too.