Wednesday, March 7, 2007

a trip awaiting, precious life, and shoes...

I am going away on friday, for a little while.. At the end of my trip I will attend the D.C. tango festival. I am looking forward to it. I am looking forward to this trip for many reasons. Will see my love. Will do some work, and will dance tango. So this is what life is about right?
I almost got killed today by the way. My life flashed before my eyes, when a car ran the red light, and hit another and went over the spot I had stepped on 3 seconds back. I was thinking about my future when crossing the street, my near future, and was in the blissful ignorance of a sunny wednesday morning. Everything could have changed in a moment. I could be in a coma tonight at some hospital, with no future, no more love, tango, or work.
Its amazing, life is so fragile really.. we are so fragile. We feel so capable and so strong, and yet we are so fragile. So ephemeral. So mortal.
I was quite shaken actually. I was crossing the street witha friend, going to BCBG. I was littereally shaking entering the store.
I am thankful tonight, that I still have my life in tact, to be able to write these words, and to be able to wear the beautiful shoes I bought.


  1. That happened to me back in December, I was crossing the street with the light, and realized I needed to do errands on the original side, all I did was turn around, and was about to take a step, and the collectivo (bus), would have collided with me! Panic started to rise, but then I thought, you are not dead, nor injured so there is no need to freak out. And just carried on.

    But like you I was very thankful and knew how close I came to being scrapped off the sidewalk.

  2. It really puts things in perspective doesn't it. Small worries disappear. I am just glad that you and I are both safe. And now, when I am crossing the street, even if it is green for me, I always look twice:)