Friday, March 23, 2007

cupcakes, and other sweat things...

I am craving big time. That time of the month? Already? Oh no... With it comes a big appetite, a sense of bloat and as a bonus: reemergence of adolescence... Here we go again. I was going to wear a new skirt I bought to a milonga tonight, but I think not. I feel like I weigh a ton! The fat feeling is back. Thanks hormones.. I know I do not weigh a ton, but every month this time I feel like I do. Hence the mirrors also get distorted. I wonder if PMS has an effect on my eyesight. Everything seems wider, including my hips!! I should not be complaining, I am lucky about my metabolism, Got that from my father (Thank God or other forces of the universe). But still. That does not change the fact that I feel like I weigh a ton right now. So tonight, I will wear what I call concealers (clothes comfortable and not great looking but not risky either):) Until I get my eyesight and my common sense back. The cupcakes, oh I am totally baking them tomorrow.

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