Monday, March 5, 2007

Tango shoes...

I had to take all my tango shoes to a shoe repair place. I do no have that many pairs, I had 4 pairs of high heels plus one practica shoe. One of the high heels I must have left at some milonga because I canot find it, which makes me really sad. The other three, the heels need to get changed ( those little black things at the bottom) SOme of them need suede bottoms so I also need that changed. So I have no high heels at my disposal these days, they will be ready by thursday. How am I to survive till then without dancing? Well I have the flat ones... But its not the same. Its odd but I am more comfortable in highheels:)
Maybe I will go on a quest for my lost shoes.. Like the search for the holy grail.. They were so pretty too. Old but still pretty. Everybody used to compliment me about them... They were comfortable..
Why am I so in love with shoes? Is there a specific shoe loving gene that I am not aware of, that passes down from mother to daughter? I know only a few guys who are very excited about shoes, but most women I know love shoes.

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