Tuesday, March 6, 2007


Last night I had two dreams. They were connected. I have not bee nremembering what I dream lately so these left me wondering aobut their meaining in the morning.
Let me tell you about them:
I am on a beach. It is not particularly sunny but definitely not cold. ITs a pleasant day. I am walking with this girl friend of mine. She is a friend in the dream, but I do not know her in real life. We are walking on the beach, maybe 20 meters away from the sea. The sea is on my right side, I am the one walking closer to the sea. I see two dolphins. They are swimming incredibly close to the shore. Then one of them jumps out the sea and comes all the way to me. I do not sense desperation from the dolphin, but I know if it stays with me there on the shore it will not survive. I push the dolphin gently towards the sea. Wtihout any difficulty, infact in a very slippery way, the dolphin makes its way back to the sea. I feel happy, that I saved its life. It was not very difficult.
The second part of the dream: we continue walking on the beach. At some point we sit and we see these marks on our legs. They are these bruises. I immediately think its from tango. Its as if I must have been hit by a boleo or something. I have this dark black point, the size of a woman's tango heel, than a line that follows it. I do not feel pain, it does not hurt and I cannot remember when it would have happened. My friend and I both wonder. She has the same mark on her leg. When I see the mark I do not feel sad, or happy, just curious...

I was telling these dreams to a friend , N, and he asked me about the first part, is there someone you want to save, you want to help, you feel very connected to, someone who is drawn to you like the dolphin that just voluntarily beaches it self to you? And about the second part, you did not feel any real feeling but just curiousity about the mark, what is going on in your life right now that is leaving these curious marks on you...
What accurate questions and interpretations of this dream...

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